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Your Hometown Convenience Store




There are five Jiffy Mart stores, exclusive to Carroll County, Maryland, that offer Subway Restaurants or Anytime Cafe, a self-service car wash at the Airpark location, gasoline and many varieties of food and beverages. The friendly, family-oriented feeling customers experience in every Jiffy Mart is what sets the stores apart from the large, corporate convenience store chains. Jiffy Mart is known as Carroll County’s “Hometown Convenience Store.”


Tevis Oil was formed in 1932. Tevis Motor Fuel began servicing its first service station in 1935. In 1981, Tevis Oil diversified into the convenience store industry. The first store, originally called Tevco, was primarily a self-service truck stop featuring less expensive, unbranded gasoline, along with hot food, drinks, and several convenience items. Its location on Baltimore Boulevard in Finksburg was the perfect spot for the business to flourish. After the success of the first store, Tevis Oil continued to open new stores over the years with each one offering a little more than the last. In 1987 the Jiffy Mart brand was born and in 2001 all Tevco convenience stores were branded Jiffy Mart.

In Carroll County, currently there are five Tevis Oil owned and operated convenience stores operating under the Jiffy Mart Brand. There are five leased convenience stores/service stations; three branded Shell, one Branded BP and one unbranded. There are three additional locations outside of the county. Of the Tevis Oil owned and operated stores operating under the Jiffy Mart brand, two of them feature Shell gasoline and two feature unbranded fuel.

Jiffy Mart remains active in the community, partnering each year with National, Regional and local charities such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Carroll Hospital Center for Breast Health, The Shepherd’s Staff, Carroll County Food Sunday, & The Westminster Boys & Girls Club. Jiffy Mart has come to be known as Carroll County’s “Hometown Convenience Store.”