Freshly Brewed Hot Coffee from Jiffy Mart! 5 Convenient Locations
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Caffeinate Yourself with Jiffy Mart’s Hot Coffee

Jiffy Mart has freshly brewed hot coffee for on your morning wake up. You can purchase a variety of sizes and you can bring in your own mug or thermos for a discounted price on coffee. We offer different thermoses that you can purchase as well. We have our Maryland Pride thermos and we also carry Cups that Count for a number of local high schools. Purchasing Cups that Count means a portion of the proceeds from the cup goes towards the school of your choice and discounted refills on coffee for you. We also have bagged coffee so that you can brew our great tasting coffee at home or at work.


Why Lacas?

Lacas has a passion for coffee and we like to share that with our customers. Lacas Coffee uses only 100% Arabic Coffees and the purest flavor extracts to produce our flavored coffees. Over the last 90 years their family owned and operated business has refined our roasting process and developed many skilled coffee crafts people. Read more about Lacas Coffee.

Light Roast Coffee

Breakfast Blend – Light roast

This delicious blended coffee combines the highest quality Central American and Cerrado Estate Brazils for a mild and sweet roast balanced and low acidity for a smooth finish.

Medium Roast Coffee

French Vanilla – Medium Roast

This full-bodied and rich medium roast coffee imparts a fragrant aroma and sweet tasting vanilla notes.

Colombian House –  Medium Roast

Columbian Excelso, from the Medellin region, blended with Brazilian coffees, producing a medium bodied, sweet and bright coffee with a delicious coffee finish.

Decaf Colombian – Medium Roast

Our finest blend of Columbian Supremo and Columbian Excelso decaffeinated in the Taloca style.  Rich flavor and full body with a clean, sweet finish.

Kona Blend – Medium Roast

Only a top-grade, estate grown, 100% pure Kona is used in our Kona Blend.  This high quality Kona is blended together with coffees from Brazil and Peru to produce a mild bodied, sweet, special cup of coffee.  The Kona flavor dominates the center of the palate adding its character to a clean, sweet finish.

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark Note – Dark Roast

This fine blend of South American and Far Eastern coffees is roasted to a deep color while maintaining excellent body and a sweet finish.

Shock Coffee – Dark Roast

Whether you want to cram more stuff in your brain or add more hours to your day, you need some SHOCK therapy. Shock is the most potent blend of coffee beans ever assembled. Nothing but premium beans, naturally loaded with 50% more caffeine than other gourmet coffees. Admit it, sleep is overrated.

Seasonal Blends

We offer a revolving calendar of seasonal offerings – especially favorites like Pumpkin Spice and Irish Crème.

December & January Seasonal Coffee

Winter Blend

Medium Roast – A delicious blend of hazelnut, cinnamon and graham cracker.

February & March Seasonal Coffee

Irish Crème

Medium Roast – Smooth and creamy liqueur flavor is timeless.

April & May Seasonal Coffee

Blueberry Cobbler

Medium Roast – The flavor of sweet, juicy blueberries with a hint of spice.

June, July & August Seasonal Coffee

Salted Caramel

Medium Roast – Sweet and salty have always made a surprisingly tasty combination, and this coffee is no exception!

September, October & November Seasonal Coffee

Pumpkin Spice

Medium Roast – Traditional pumpkin flavor with a hint of cinnamon, nut meg and ginger.